Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t connect & collaborate online. Self-isolation means we could get bored & stuck in a Netflix rut. Remote working means we will gain time on our daily commute & could get restless.

Fancy joining the #DailyWritingChallenge to keep yourself busy and occupied over the coming weeks of uncertainty?

If so… follow the hashtag and join us each day. I will publish a daily theme – in the form of a value – and you can join us by writing 500 words. Publish it wherever you like, then share it with us using the hashtag/ tag me in. There is no pressure to write every day. Just engage, as and when, you want to by writing, reading, commenting on the posts from the growing edu-writing community.

There is also the option of joining the #DailyWritingChallenge DM group – we are currently 40 strong and support new writers in finding and using their voice, plus chat about what we think about each others’ posts.

I started blogging about 5 years ago, on a platform that no longer exists called StaffRm. It is where a lot of the #WomenEd and #BAMEed community found their writing voices. We nurtured and supported one another to share thoughts, ideas and stories about our educational journeys. Lots of people ask how to get started with blogging, well here is your chance.

Also you will get to think and discuss with new people, or find out more about people you already know. It is a great way to connect with like-minded people.

If you are feeling lonely or isolated you can also join the DM group if you want to chat about the posts too. We are a friendly bunch I promise!

Day 1 is today! March 18th 2020. The theme is ‘Kindness’ so look out for the #DailyWritingChallenge posts shared on twitter and get involved, however, you wish.

#DailyWritingChallenge Day 1: Kindness

Updated 4/4/20 – we are Day 14 this Monday. So far we have explored the values of: Kindness, Courage, Honesty, Friendship and Adventure to name a few of them. The lovely Sue Webb has collated them as collections on the VBE website here.

I wrote a blog about why we need our values to help us navigate this crisis here.

I had an opinion piece published in Schools’ Week here.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed a blog or supported by reading in the last 3 weeks. Each post is a written expression of the visual #RainbowsOfHope.

Published by Ethical Leader

Leadership Development Consultant, Facilitator, Coach, Speaker and Writer. Experience of teaching schools, initial teacher education, mentoring & coaching, diversity and equality. Passionate about integrity, ethics and values.

2 thoughts on “#DailyWritingChallenge

  1. I’d love to give myself the opportunity to exercise self-discipline AND creativity. I don’t have a digital platform and have only written on paper in the past…. any advice?
    I’m not too fussed about having a readership, my eyes would be enough although I would quite like to type write (à la Lois Lane or Sex in the City?!) to try something new.

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