#DailyWritingChallenge Day 18: Freedom – a blog by Debra Rutley

Sometimes you don’t know you need to be freed. You may not know what you want to be freed from and you may not even know what you want freedom to do.

I didn’t know until I ran away.

Subconsciously keeping the peace erodes choice and independence and can lead to a sort of subservience and fear. I didn’t realise that I had little choice in my life until I left and starting choosing.

I chose simple things, like a house with stairs.

I chose curtains and a white Duvet cover which gave me so much joy.

I chose 6 music.

I chose to cook or not.

I chose to eat chocolate.

I chose what to wear.

I chose how to spend my money.

I chose holidays – Italy for food, wine and the views.

The big things were shaped by my freedom to choose to live the life I wanted. How I wanted to be and how I would respond were part of how I chose my way. My choices allowed me to shape the life I want and have the courage to live that life.

My new-found freedom allows me to make choices based on my values and what matters to me in life. I know the real value of freedom now I have it and I’m not caged by the opinions of others.

I have many more choices to make.

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Leadership Development Consultant, Facilitator, Coach, Speaker and Writer. Experience of teaching schools, initial teacher education, mentoring & coaching, diversity and equality. Passionate about integrity, ethics and values.

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