#LockdownLeadership Blog 5: ‘Life Lessons’

The #LockdownLeadership series is a collection of anonymous blogs about leadership during these uncertain times. Share your leadership journeys: confessions… conversations… celebrations… challenges… Reflect on your moments of: courage… compassion… clarity… craziness… Email 500 words to hello@hannah-wilson.co.uk to be shared in this safe space. 

Life Lessons we might learn during Lockdown

We are currently experiencing a new way of life and adapting to a whole new normal. As we navigate these uncertain times, we seek light in the darkness, clarity in the confusion, and hope in the helplessness. Self-isolation and social-distancing is providing us with the time and space we need to reflect on what is important in life, to appreciate what matters most and to look forward to new beginnings. During these times of school closures, teachers are setting work for pupils to complete at home, yet this unique period provides the opportunity for children and young people to learn some valuable life lessons.

  1. The importance of empathy

Our social media timelines are filled with the heartfelt memorials of loved ones who have lost their lives too soon. Friends and family members are pleading for prayers for our nearest and dearest. NHS frontline workers are urging us to stay home and save lives. This time provides an opportunity for children to appreciate and understand the importance of empathy. As we paint rainbows of hope, donate parcels to our local food banks and clap for our carers, we are recognising that our actions and behaviours have a life changing impact on others.

  1. The value of relationships

Whether we are baking together, playing family board games or helping one another with chores around the house, we are realising that there is nothing more important in life than family, friends and love. Sometimes, we never truly appreciate the value of a moment until it becomes a distant memory. Thanks to technology we can reach out and keep in touch with one another, but never again will we take for granted a sincere smile or a warm embrace; we will forever live in the moments where we are surrounded by our nearest and dearest.

  1. To slow down and enjoy life

We are no longer dashing between dance classes, football matches and birthday parties; we are embracing a more relaxed pace of life. It is a time to focus on our blessings as we evaluate what truly makes us happy. We are taking pleasure in life’s little joys: immersing ourselves in the beauty of a book and watching the clouds floating across the sky. Children are learning to be resilient and resourceful as they use their imagination to be creative in their surroundings, opening the door to new possibilities and opportunities.

  1. The beauty of nature

Soft play centres, trampoline parks and video game arcades are closed. The little pleasures in life include a jog in the park and a walk down the street. The din of beeping horns no longer drowns out the sweet hum of tweeting birds and we are taking pleasure in noticing previously bare branches now blooming with cherry blossom. Maybe this period will allow our children to realise that we are mere guests here on mother Earth and we must do all we can to be responsible, respectful and courteous visitors. As we appreciate the awe and wonder of the beginning of spring, let us learn the importance of doing our part to be kind to nature.

  1. To be kinder to ourselves

Life is precious, and during these unprecedented times children have the opportunity to reflect on the fragility of life. We are reminded that time waits for no-one; we should do all we can to live a joyful life devoid of sadness, negativity and regrets. It is a time to seize new opportunities, pursue our dreams, let bygones be bygones and to be kinder to ourselves. We are learning to prioritise our health and wellbeing, investing in our personal growth and development.

Life is a continuous learning experience. As we stay safe at home during lockdown, let us hope that our children and young people learn to make every moment count. Let them appreciate the importance of living a life filled with love and experiences, not material items. Let them learn the value of memories and not just the price of things. Of all the things we can teach our children, we must teach them to be kind, thoughtful and compassionate people who will go into the world as confident, articulate and well-rounded adults. After all, some of the most important life lessons cannot be taught in the classroom.





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