#DailyWritingChallenge Day 84: Reputation

noun. the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something; a widespread belief that someone or something has a particular characteristic.
Our reputation is formed by what we say about ourselves and by what others say about us. It is the messaging around who we are.
Our reputation is built over time. It is the result of who we are, what we believe in and what we do.
Our reputation is earned.  It is the mirror being held up and the light being shone on who our hard work, our intention, our conviction and our commitment.
“You can’t buy a good reputation: you must earn it”.
Harvey MacKay
Our reputation is the external narrative about us. It is the extension of our internal narrative.
Our reputation is less important than our character. It is who we are inside, what we think and know about ourselves that is more important.
“Worry about your character, not your reputation. Your character is who you are. Your reputation is who people think you are”.
John Wooden
Our reputation is not fixed. It evolves with us as we move through different stages of our personal and professional lives.
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Our reputation is our integrity. It is how we show up, how we behave and how we interact with others.
Our reputation is fragile. It is easy to damage our reputation – that one time we are late, that we miss a deadline, that we make a bad choice, that we are rude or ignore someone, unfortunately puts a dent in our reputation.
“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”. Benjamin Franklin
Our reputation is the amplification of everything we do. It needs to be considered and it needs to be nurtured and guarded.
Our reputation is valuable. It is the endorsement of how we communicate about ourselves.
“Take care of your reputation it’s your most valuable asset”.
H Jackson Brown Jnr
Our reputation precedes us.
Our reputation reflects us.
Our reputation follows us.
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