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The Journey You Took Me On

I wasn’t ready for you and I wasn’t expecting you. The moment I saw you I veered very steeply off the road and landed on a different path. A path that took me to the most magical and scariest places I have only ever read about in books. The moment it happened my true journey began and I’ve never regretted a single day of it.


The conversation that changed everything. Are we free to make the decision we want to make? We discovered this in more ways that we could have ever imagined. The decisions we took, the places we went and the times we had. Were we ever free to enjoy them? To embrace them and to truly discover ourselves in these moments? We would argue, as we did that day, that we were free to enjoy and we were free to choose but the extent of this freedom we can both agree on is that there just wasn’t enough.

Make it worth my while

We were bound by constraints our whole time together. Time constraints filled us with both ecstatic joy and immense sadness as we had to make each minute count, and fill each second with conversation, laughter and silence. You made it worth my while each and every single time and I know I did the same, despite the arguments that you were in fact wasting time.

As we journeyed together we knew how to make it count, we treasured the moments as if it was our last and even when it was our last we didn’t dwell on it. Every second was treasured and so my heart was filled with more love than with each passing day. I could never regret a single thing as you made it count, you made me count and you made me who I am.


We never knew where we were going and even if we were going together side by side. The years we spent together were side by side but in different modes of transport heading the same way and following the signs together. We were never together in the way we needed to be and stealing the moments were the hardest to contend with.

There are many things I do know though. I know where you are and I know who you are. I know you, probably better than I know myself. I know myself through you and it’s thanks to you I know where I need to go. The problem though is I don’t know how to get there without you but I’ll keep going anyway as I want to make you proud of me as you always were.


You made me shine and I made you shine. We elevated one another as we went down our paths of discovery as friends, lovers and soul mates. I always said you were my person and when I looked to you I saw where I needed to be but sadly, who I needed to be with. I say sadly because this realisation meant that it could not be with you as we went our separate ways. I watched you drive off in your own direction and this time I could not follow you.

You continue to shine through me and I through you. The bond we made will never be broken and our fire will never go out. This we know, among the many things we do not know.

I miss you!

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