#DailyWritingChallenge Day 47: Beauty – a blog by Liz Cartledge

beauty liz


I love this quote for many reasons, it’s simplicity, it’s honesty and I believe it’s accuracy which it captures so well.

As I have grown older the definition of beauty and what I associate with beauty has changed dramatically. This has happened as I appreciate life in so many different ways and can see when beautiful things or acts happen.

As a teacher in a large secondary school, I am fortunate enough to work with many talented people who all possess beauty. Beauty because of what they have experienced and the way they are trying to inspire the future generation everyday when they teach.

The reason teaching is the best profession in the whole world is because we get to pass on our experience (good and bad), knowledge and understanding to others and so cascade beauty.

To be an effective teacher you have to have sensitivity, understanding and compassion for pupils and for your subject. It is true, ‘Beautiful people do not just happen’ it takes years which is why growing old, wise and becoming more measured means that, for many people the definition of beauty changes dramatically over the years.

We should be proud of our journey through life and embrace the good and the bad, because they will shape us to becoming more beautiful as a person as we grow and learn every day.

If you see something beautiful in a person, tell them because it will help to ensure their beauty is appreciated by all.

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Leadership Development Consultant, Facilitator, Coach, Speaker and Writer. Experience of teaching schools, initial teacher education, mentoring & coaching, diversity and equality. Passionate about integrity, ethics and values.

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