#DailyWritingChallenge Day 58: Release

verb. allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free; allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.
noun. the action or process of releasing or being released; the action of making a film, recording, or other product available to the public.
There is so much I could say on this theme but I am short on time this morning as I have an early commitment so I might have to come back later after this splurge!
Being Released:
I am interested in the word order of each of these definitions. Do others release me or do I  release myself? I don’t wait for permission. I don’t wait for someone else to make those choices for me. I am empowered to take control and release me.
“Release your fears and you will unlock your growth”. 

Finding Escape:

I am not very good in confinement. I don’t like small spaces. I get claustrophobic in lifts, in small rooms. I can’t think of anything worse than going caving. For me I feel released when I am outside, when I am by the sea. When I can see sky, sea and sand all around me I feel a sense of release, an internal shift. My happy place is our local beach Saunton Sands. Travel is a release for me, I get an immense sense of freedom from going to new places.
Setting Free:
I regularly set myself free. I release myself from situations that are not serving me. I eject myself from places that are not health. I release myself from friendships and relationships that do not meet my needs. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings is one of my favourite books – freedom is not just physical, it is mental and emotional too. We need to set ourselves free and that starts with the mind.
release 4
Free Flowing:
I am enjoying the free flow of my new existence. I have always run my life like a military operation. Anyone who knows me, knows my diary, my calendar dictates where I am and what I do. I am multi-tasker and a juggler, I maximise my time and my energy. I have been released from that and am enjoying the freedom of less restrictions being imposed on me – no timetable, no duties, no bells – time is in free flow.
Going Public:
I am halfway through a blog about why June 1st is a significant date for me. It is the day I started Gardening Leave last year. I had released myself by resigning but June 1st 2019 was the day I was released from 18 years of being institutionalised. I have spoken up and out about it to release myself and others:
You heal by releasing, you don’t heal by suppressing”.
It is why I chose it as the day this year to release my website, to go public with my new professional identity. I am proud to have released myself from a salary and to have gone independent: www.hannah-wilson.co.uk 
release 3
I have released myself. I have found an escape. I have set myself free. I am free flowing. I have gone public. Maybe that is why I am feeling so light, so happy, so empowered and that everything is in alignment.
I love the links between each of the themes. The connections we make between each value and the connections we make between each other’s perspectives pulls the golden thread of our shared values through the collection each day.
This quote links yesterday’s theme of choice to today’s theme of release perfectly.
Success Quotes : I lovingly forgive and release…. – OMG Quotes ...

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